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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Layan ....

 .. Layan vide0 clip tym2 boing camnie .. 
ska dgar lagu2 camnie .. lovely song :) .. but
girl tuh very sexy ouhh Either the way, great voice even though i have no idea what's being said. 
Meaningfull! )

memang MINAT lar kat Afgan Syahreza nie .. 
serius ! After hearing this song and watching this video I had a CRUSH on Afgan (OPS! TERLEBIH SUDAH !)
he really is a cutie! those dimples are so cute!!!
wat a lovely voice! really completely adore his voice !! ( wah wah ) .. n ska penampilan dy g ..
myb nmpk nerdy kali .. sebb sy suka minat tgok org nerd2 ,serius n pendiam !
tataw npa .. p bkn suka minat as nk jadikn dy someone special dalam idop sy taw .

p/s: Dear .. please dun get me wrong okee ? u stil my only 1 .. 

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